Cloud4Partners™ has teamed up with AWS in an effort to support the economy, by supporting SAP Partners and their customers through this challenging time.

We are finding that several of our forward-thinking partners are taking this opportunity to work with their customers and prospects to look inward and improve their systems and processes as well as embracing Cloud technology, which will put them in a great position to grow and compete over the coming months.

How can we help you?

  • 1 month free Cloud Hosting for new Dedicated & MTPro SAP Business One Cloud deployments*
  • 3 months free Cloud Hosting for new Multi-Tenant Standard SAP Business One Cloud deployments*
  • Zero setup cost
  • Free SQL to HANA migration service (Database conversion only, reports, queries etc will need to be converted as normal by the partner)

*After this period if you want to leave the service simply give 90 days’ notice

Added advantages of implementing new systems and processes:

  • Your customers will be in a great position to offer remote working to their employees by enabling them to take advantage of a cloud-based business management system that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • The ability to automate traditionally manual-intensive processes saves time and increases efficiency.
  • SAP Business One Cloud enables teams to collaborate just as effectively remotely as they are able to when sitting in the same office.

Now is the time for cloud-based homeworking, and Cloud4Partners™ can help you offer this to your customers. Cloud4Partners™ works on a ‘Bring Your Own Licence’ (BYOL) basis, so you supply all licences to your customers and we set up the Cloud platform, based on your customers’ requirements. In most cases, Multi-Tenant Standard systems can be set up within a day and Dedicated systems can be set up within a week. We make full use of cloud technology ourselves, including Microsoft Teams and GoToMeeting, to work collaboratively with our customers.

As a final note, please be assured that we are here to support you and your teams. We wish everyone the best, and that everyone in your family and business stays safe and healthy. We look forward to working with you. To find out more about these offers, please contact Darren Crawley or call +44 (0)1789 777466.