Cloud4Partners™ is a best in class cloud hosting service designed purely around the requirements of SAP Business One.

Digital Marketplace

Our mission is to ensure that customers who use Cloud4Partners™ can access “Best of Breed” applications from the world’s leading software and service vendors. Say hello to some of the members of the Cloud4Partners Marketplace:

Boyum IT – a wide array of products – under the heading of The Boyum Pack – enable SAP Business One customers to get even more out of their ERP solution. Under the Boyum IT umbrella also comes Produmex & Beas, advanced warehousing and manufacturing management suites, which further enhance the capabilities of SAP Business One in those industries.

Codeless Platforms – an easy-to-use, SAP Certified, drag and drop integration connector that provides seamless SAP Business One integration with other business applications or web services.

Sharperlight – a low maintenance, highly flexible business intelligence platform, featuring personalised dashboards, report packs and a powerful integration framework.

iDocuments – a flexible and powerful web and mobile solution for purchasing, expenses, HR, resource management, sales and time tracking.

Sana – an eCommerce solution, which leverages the business logic and data stored in the company’s systems in powerful, beautifully designed and user-friendly web stores.

Pepperi – a sales rep app built for brands & wholesalers, which simplifies order taking with seamless ERP integration.

Aphix Software – an integrated suite of eCommerce and mobile ordering products, with real-time connection to ERP and back-office systems, plus connectivity to various digital marketplaces.

NetEDI – a cloud-based B2B platform as a managed service, providing an end-to-end solution that is efficient, scalable and secure, built using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Cindercone – a wide variety of technical services, with best in class EDI processing software, custom development services and integrations to ERP, CRM, eCommerce and EPOS systems.

Solver (B1360) – a world-class financial reporting, budgeting and analysis solution with push-button access to all data sources that drive company-wide profitability.

Versago – a web and mobile portal platform that enables anyone to review, gain insight, submit, update, or process any information from a web browser or mobile device while integrated with SAP Business One.

Bizweaver is a business process automation tool used to build and run data processing streams, or “workflows”, between systems or within a system like SAP Business One.

Dicentral – enables companies to manage all fulfillment channels and software integrations on a unified cloud platform, backed by an award-winning support team, to help them innovate while they integrate with their trading partners.

“Ascarii has worked extremely closely with the local and global SAP Business One Cloud teams to ensure their platform has been set up using SAP’s best practices, and I personally know from speaking to their customers the platform is extremely stable. In addition, we have a large number of the other SAP Business One partners in the UKI channel using the Ascarii platform with a number of their customers successfully utilising the platform on a daily basis. The Ascarii team is a trusted partner and does business in the right way.”

Matt Sinclair
Head of SAP Business One & Business By Design – UK & Ireland

“Partnering with Ascarii has enabled EdenOne to market and deliver SAP Business One Cloud. The Cloud4Partners™ program is easy to use, cost-effective and systems can be readily available within minutes. We see integrity is a core value at Ascarii and partner-client confidentiality has never been an issue. If you are considering offering an SAP Business One Cloud solution to your customers, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the Cloud4Partners™ product from Ascarii.”

Robert Furnivall, Director,
EdenOne Solutions Limited (UK)

“We chose Cloud4Partners™ because of their agility and their ability to solve any problem.”

Korey Lind, CEO
Third Wave Business Systems (USA)

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