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Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed a few of the more common questions that we get asked, if there is anything else you need to know simply give us a call

What versions of SAP Business One Cloud are supported

Currently we support SAP Business One versions 9.2 PL09 (SQL), 9.3 PL04 (SQL) & 9.2 PL08 (HANA). Version 9.3 PL04 (HANA) will be available very soon.


How long does it take to setup an SAP Business One Cloud system before I get access?

For multi-tenant a new system can be setup within 1 day, for a dedicated system the lead time is 1 week.

What licences are included in the service?

Operating systems, SQL Server Datacenter Edition and RDS access licences. All SAP Business One and SAP Marketplace are based upon a BYOL (bring your own licence) model.

Can my clients and authorised 3rd party providers have full access to the system?

Yes – providing the C4P system is on a dedicated basis.

Is there a minimum contract duration or minimum number of users?

No – if your client no longer wants or needs the C4P service, simply give 30 days notice for multi-tenant or 90 days for dedicated.

Is there a cost for having more than one database?

No – our business model is built on simple pricing – you can have as many databases as you wish. Each multi-tenant C4P system provides 20GB of database capacity and 10GB of database capacity for HANA. In addition, each user has 5GB of file storage.

Can I move an existing On-Premise licence to the Cloud?

Yes – we can simply transfer your On-Premise licence file to our Cloud platform and away you go. If you have a backup of the original system that you would like to use instead of a new database then we can import this for you at no extra cost.

How frequently is the data backed up?

Daily database backups are performed – these are retained on a rolling 7-day model with end of calendar month and year backups being taken for financial archive purposes. We also take server ‘snapshots’ daily for completeness.

Where is our data physically hosted?

With AWS at their EU datacentre in Dublin – this is enterprise grade with 99.995% reliability built-in.

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